Sunday, January 18, 2009

Because It's You and Me

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"...And all of the people
with nothing to do,
nothing to lose,
and it's you and me, and all of the people
and I don't know why,
I can't keep my eyes off of you.."

I don't know what I was doing last night, but all of a sudden my mind just blanked out for a moment, and I had this amazing need to write something. I just wrote what came to mind, and this is what came out:

This night is so black,
I can barely see.
But I can feel your presence,
It’s almost suffocating me.

Even though I can’t see you
I can feel your heart beat,
Hear your breathing,
Yet you’re still not close enough to me.

I need to feel you,
So that I know that you’re there.
This moment may never come again,
It feels so rare.

So we go take a walk
Though we can’t even see.
But I trust you to lead us,
To show the path to me.

We can talk about nothing,
For hours on end.
I want to tell you everything,
Maybe my heart you could mend.

It’s been broken before,
Believe it or not, by you.
But now that I know,
This feeling seems so new.

Now that you’re here,
I need you to stay.
I can’t be alone,
Not even for one more day.

But now the path is ending,
And the sun is rising,
And we look at each other one last time;
With you, my pain is finally easing.

I love it, it's now my second-favorite poem (my favorite is still the one in English I wrote (;) I like it, and I don't care what y'all think, I still love it. :)

Here is another one, one of the last ones I wrote:

I just can’t take it,
But I can’t show you my fears.
It doesn’t even matter anymore,
I can’t stop these tears.

I’m too afraid,
I can’t be alone.
I need to talk to you,
But I can’t pick up the phone.

You wouldn’t even answer,
No matter how much I needed you.
You shouldn’t care about me,
But you might if you knew.

That there’s nothing I can do
To help me go to sleep.
You’re the reason I cry.
I have fallen in too deep.

But in the end nothing matters,
And when everything’s going wrong,
The only thing that calms me anymore
Is listening to your favorite song.



29 comment(s):

Ali said...

I LOVED both those poems victoria! The 1st in particular! That one rocked!!

ChipotleChick said...

That first one was amazing. I like your style, your honesty, and i like the eloquence of your writing. that poem can be applie to so many people in so many situations. I love it! i see why it's your second favorite. NICE!!!

simpleman said...

You just rocked my socks off....I usually say something worth while but... wow..

krl said...

which sucks.


Cursed♪♫ said...

oh my God !!
i loved both your poems and i could actually feel them in me ! They are mind blowing !!! ya, i liked the 1st one more. it's like, you've read my thoughts and written it down !!! you're amazing in writing !!! :)

•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

wow!!they both are awesome!!

Neon Duck said...

good one. I know! it's a totally awesome idea, the ones I've heard aren't great becuase they just play like an electric orchestra, but if I can find one that plays rock and sings that would definatly be a w00t.

grey~eyes said...

I really love the first poem (the other one is amazing too) it really captures the emotion so well. :D
I dont get boys, people say girls are the most complicated, but i really dont see that. I hope that you and that guy do work out :)

grey~eyes said...

It sucks when you love a guy who is also your mate, its like you want to be with them, but you dont want to ruin the relationship.
Its so confuzing!!

Neon Duck said...

Um, I compose stuff on piano, and I can kind of read piano sheet music, but I'm bad at it so I just stick to composing stuff, I fiddled with guitar awhile so I know what it's all about but I'm not good at it's mainly cello, and then piano when I have time. do you play anything else?

Darling Dears. said...

interesting. love the poems and simply the colors on your blog.

krl said...

yes, it does. but it has its advantages and disadvantages;

advantages to liking a lot of unheard/non-mainstream music; people will think that you know a lot of music because they havent heard of the artist

disadvantages; you cant ever find their cds so you are stuck with sloppy itunes store.



krl said...

iTunes store isn't all that bad.maybe you should use it more often.

And I had this really weird feeling. Like a sexually urge. Which made me realize that I really need a girlfriend. Of course, I wouldn't go off with any old person, I just need to find someone I do really like.

Which is almost impossible for me which has once again sent me into depression :(


grey~eyes said...

yeah i know what you mean, its like, even though you doubt it, and your head tells you it is just flirting to him, you still wonder, and your heart thinks that mabye, he likes you too. Its like you try reason with yourself, but you still live in hope.

Sometimes he is a bit of a jerk, but he is going though some rough stuff at the moment - his parents are divorcing, so he has a reason to be moody and stuff.

Neon Duck said...

I used to play viola, but I couldn't stand alto clef so I pitched it and switched to cello...

krl said...

grey-eyes has saw radiohead live.

i think i shed a tear when i read that.



lone poet said...

holy shit vikki, the first one blew my mind away, once i got it back on, it blew away again with the second, no fair vikki, those are amazing

Neon Duck said...

Yeah, I don't really have political veiws, but I was getting sick of it all being white old men running us, so this is a wonderful huge step. I mean, a woman running would have been crazy awesome, but anyone who is best suited for the job should run, no matter what their race, or gender.

simpleman said...

:) I saw the comment you left on taylors blog. Thanks for your prayers and thanks for telling someone to read! They both mean a lot haha.

My cousins surgery went as well as it could have the doctors said. They are really pleased, they think he is completely free of cancer and on a good road to recovery:).

Neon Duck said...

Indeed. Personally I think that politiations in general aren't great, and whoever seems like the honester one is usually who I lean tward.

grey~eyes said...

Thanks :)
Boys are so confuzing. Even though you know you cant like them, because it makes no sense, and it will just lead to your unhappieness, you cant stop falling for them.

krl said...

gosh, you get a lot of comments these days...

'in the morning of the magicians' by flaming lips. such a beautiful song. well, in my perspective. and they are your kind of sappy lyrics. so its all good.

and the whole impossible thing. ive heard it before. maybe in an ad or in a book. it may seem true but it just cant always apply to everyone.

anyway, i said almost impossible. i remember that distinctly.


krl said...

I'm always told that I'm much too hard on myself. But I don't believe that it would get me anywhere If I didn't


krl said...

I'm always told that I'm much too hard on myself. But I don't believe that it would get me anywhere If I didn't


grey~eyes said...

i totally know the kind of guy :)

I love your playlist by the way, you have really good taste in music :)

lone poet said...

woman, make a new post

krl said...

i tried my in rainbows vinyl for the first time. sounds like angels in 'nude'. ahhh, i love it.

ok, indeed that flaming lips song is freaking beautiful. well, the beginning anyway. makes me dance in a very slow manner. happily.

'what is love and what is hate... and why, does it matter....'


Neon Duck said...

true dat! Isn't blue a fabulas color?

James said...

I like the first one a lot. The writing is so dignified and elegant and refined. I love it. It even is able to combine honesty with all of that.