Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Not Too Late, It's Never Too Late

Here are three more:

Staring blankly at the walls
I can not believe where I am.
How did I get here?
Has this always been the plan?

Why did we come here?
I feel so lost.
Do you still think this was such a good idea?
If so, don't you realize the cost?

There is no hope
in this bleak, desolate town.
I feel so worthless.
I have a permanent frown.

I just want to move,
to be anywhere but here.
I don't feel safe.
Now I'm always living in fear.

The second:

I trust you so much,
Just take away the pain.
I will do anything
just to keep me sane.

Why do you do this?
Can't you make up your mind?
Sometimes you're so cruel,
but when you're not, you are too kind.

That's why I still talk to you,
you are like my addiction.
You help me through everything,
but am I the only one who feels this friction?

You mean too much to me
for me to let you go.
Sure, at one point I loved you,
but now you need to know.

You've hurt me too many times.
I've felt too much pain.
You never truly loved me.
I've lost too much to regain.

And the third:

I haven’t been able to sleep,
I can’t help but think of you.
I’m not sure where this could lead us.
I wonder if you feel the same way as I do.

What if you don’t understand.
I don’t know how I could live.
I just wouldn’t be me,
Even though you take more than you give.

You just mean so much.
I feel as if you’re in my head.
The main reason why I’m still alive;
Without you I’d probably be dead.

I want to tell you everything,
You’re the only person I could tell.
From what I felt when I first moved here
To now, my life a living hell.

Just please, listen to me.
Take away this blade.
I could not live without you.
I would surely fade.

I have two more that I'm gonna post later, probably tomorrow.



12 comment(s):

krl said...

the idioteque solo is best live. espicially when thom dances my ass off. makes me feel as if im not the only one.

simply because i go bonkers.

i usually put it on when i feel i need exercise. it does the job.


•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

third one is da best........n i AM waiting ur next ones!!

krl said...

you do?!!!!

i need to. id die to see them live.


grey~eyes said...

hmm, i really like sams town, i dont know why, most people do prefer Hot Fuss, but i just like sams town alot, i think that my favourite song by them is actually the song sams town. :D
Its nice to talk about bands to people,none of my school mates really like the same music as me :(
have a nice day!

simpleman said...

My favourite is the second. It is very honest and very real. You captured that emotion perfectly - I know that feeling all to well.

Neon Duck said...

Viva la Vida's good, but I've noticed that the songs on A Rush of Blood to the head never get old. If A Rush of Blood to the head had Violet Hill on it then that would be the best CD ever, what's your favorite?

James said...

U are very excellent at the way of poetry good luck.

krl said...

no. the only band ive ever seen live is panic at the disco.

which is gay, but im going to see coldplay in 4 weeks.


krl said...

i did. when i was naive and musically stupid. about five months ago (haha)

radiohead has never came to perth. they are too big a band. they might go to sydney and melbourne but thats it.

not fair.


krl said...


Neon Duck said...

HEY! I play the cello! I like the strings in rock, or alternative, have you ever heard bands that are made up of electric strings? Verrrrry k00L stuff, my friend.

krl said...

i dont listen to popular music.