Monday, January 26, 2009

Everyone In Their Right Place..

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I wrote this two nights ago:

Just close your eyes,
and count to ten.
Imagine a better place
where your heart could mend.

Where we could be alone,
no one there but us.
We wouldn't need anyone but each other;
our love would be enough.

I trust you with everything,
my life and my heart.
I know you wouldn't break it,
though it could easily break apart.

At least in our world
we don't ever have to leave.
Neither of us would ever get hurt;
All you have to do is believe.

I got the idea from a conversation two girls were having in my class on Friday. They were saying how this one guy wanted to kiss this girl, so his idea was to tell her he wanted to show her something. He was going to tell her to close her eyes and count to ten; the first two lines of the poem. I thought it was so sweet (and I wasn't eavesdropping, by the way. They were talking very loudly :). I just thought it was cute. :)



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Nomand in No Man's Land said...

Tat is soooo adorable!!! I also love the picutre by the way. Great post!

•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

nice one..........!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

u need 2 c my blog. right now !! no kidding !! fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!