Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love Hurts.

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What is love? There are many dictionary definitions: 1. noun: any object of warm affection or devotion. 2. noun: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. 3. noun: a beloved person; used as terms of endearment. 4. verb: have a great affection or liking for. My definition:

"Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without."

The dictionary could never fully define love. No one really can. It's indescribable. Those feelings you feel for that person, it's just so difficult to describe. To feel the real emotion is really hard to do.

But there's just one problem:

i. do. not. love. him.

Sure, I care for him. And I love all of his stupid little quirks and all his imperfections. That's why I like him so much. His eyes, his smile.. But I can't wait anymore. I tried, but I just can't do it.

So I think I'm moving on..

I can't stand the feeling I get when I feel like I need him that very moment, and if he isn't there, I feel like I'm gonna fall into pieces (which he never is there, so I always feel like there's a giant hole in my stomach). But I have thought this through (probably very irrationally, but still, I thought it through). And I think I'm done. It's over. I will still like him, forever and always no doubt, but I'm moving on.

This post sounds very stupid now that I reread it. But it felt good to kinda make the whole 'I'm over him' official. Which I'm not and never will be.

But I'll keep telling myself that, it might make it easier..



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lone poet said...

Awwww vikki vikki vikki!!!!! ok, ima cut u a deal, what do ya say, actually, u have no say, this is the deal, we get over them TOGETHER!!!!! mainly for me, cuz i'm majorly sucking at this, so, deal? deal, yay awesome!!!!!!!!! this calls for a drink!!!! but beer is grossssssssss!!!!!!!! so how bout not, i'm hyper i'm hyper i'm hyper!!!!!!!!!!!! mk mk mk good, i like the deal u came up with vikki!!!!! i need ur help finding the w hall tomorrow btw!!!!!!!!! txt u in five seconds!!!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

krl said...

beer is not gross.

and 'lone poet/tehlar' is getting rather enthuisiastic.

and i will miss you too. of course. but as soon as i get back, ill get my arse on the pc and talk to you.

and it seems youve caught a ratehr nasty disease as such. i believe it's called 'wanders-off-in-daydreams-due-to-thom-yorke's-heavenly-voice' syndrome. yeah, it affects me too sometimes...

and i has a favor for you. mr james, a good blogging friend of ours is in desperate need of some musical tuition. and his awkward taste is somewhat like yours when i first met you. he likes my chemical romance, simple plan etcetera. i told him to try 'supermassive black hole' then i told him to speak to you about it as you give good music recommendations for people like him.

so, like i wouldnt advise telling him about radiohead. just, well, you should know what to do.

i trust that when i return from denmark, he will have a better list of artists on his profile :p

good luck with that.


James said...

Love, is just so complicated. I think take what you love, and leave whatever you think you should. O and, I wanted to ask, how are you today? ^_^

krl said...

ok, forget it. dont tell him anymore bands.

pfft... red jumpsuit apparatus...


Anonymous said...

Do u know the Secret and law of attraction. go ahead and start using it.

Cursed♪♫ said...

wow! again, i can totally relate with your post! Love if funny. it really is! I mean, i don't think i'll ever be able 2 understand it ! Lol !
Take Care!

Neon Duck said...


Anonymous said...

sorry for commenting here, but I had no other way of contacting you. You have a really nice blog.
I love to write about law of attraction and the post you commented is the first lesson of the free 30 day course on law of attraction. If u are interested, do read the upcoming posts(and this isn't marketing ;).

lots of gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Oh! U dont know anything about law of attraction? Go to the nearest book store and say "gimme the Secret" or "I want to buy the book by Rhonda Byrne". You are going to reinvent yourself shortly. or you may also read my 30 day course. Its fine too. I have planned it well.

grey~eyes said...

wow, good for you.
It does need to be said, once you say it, "im over him" it suddenly becomes more real, (well i think so) I know what you mean when you say that you will never stop liking him, but still be over him in a way. Its an odd feeling isnt it? I hope it works for you, and you can move on and find a great guy ;)

Umm, music, i guess my favourite bands change every day, it depends on my mood, (most of these band krl proberly hates) I like muse, the wombats, vampire weekend, the enemy, the view, fall out boy, and general stuff like that :)
Who would you say are your top three bands?

James said...

What are you confused about? And thank you for the wonderful music recommendations?

Cursed♪♫ said...

i've tagged u. check out my blog for more information

grey~eyes said...

Good, bands ;) i got a cd by muse the other day and i thin kits fab, they are really good.

I know this will sound odd, but i really like having someone who emhasises with me when it comes to guys, i mean i wish everything was great with you and this guy, but i still like having someone like you to talk to, i know it sounds backwards and a bit twisted but do you get it? :S:S

lone poet said...


Neon Duck said...

hmmm, I have homework. Which is a real pain in the neck. I cannot express to you how dearly I would like to just drop everything and go write. Hey, lets forget about college and stupid life expectations that no one REALLY lives up to. I'll try and convince someone of that, in the mean time I imagine it would be prudent to do my stupid work.Blah, I say.

grey~eyes said...

Black Holes and revelations, I really like Take A Bow.

Yeah, its like, i can talk to my friend and they have goos sympathy, but none of them have ever been like this about a guy, so it is noce to have someone with empathy. ;)

thanks. x

Neon Duck said...

It does, I didn't even mean to do that, funny, must be in my head a lot reacently. LA DE DA. I try not to think too much, or stress. +D.

~NEON duck.