Friday, January 30, 2009

The Blogs I love:

I have been given the 'I Love Your Blog' award by Jaky. Thank You! :)

Here are the blogs I love:

and Jaky

~Victoria. :)

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Ali said...

Aww!! Thanks Victoria!!! You're the best! :D

krl said...

i asked jaky if he has a lost puppy.

and i found a link that will let you download the ep for free.

let me find it...


Ali said...

sorry to ask again, but should i delete your blog from my blog list?

Ali said...

i mean the "This Is How I Disappear" blog?

krl said...

click the link and follow the instructions. i have gave you the links for both the thom yorke albums, radiohead albums (that you havent got) and jonny greenwood album. you will need winrar or winzip to unzip and unrar these files once downloaded. then open in itunes and voila. you owe me :)

spitting feathers ep-

the eraser remixed-

bodysong (jonny)


the bends-

amnesiac -

hail to the thief -

if there is any other album by any artist that you want, just ask me and ill get you the link.


krl said...


Anonymous said...

Hey karl, are you people talking about some tv episodes? jus tell me please/

simpleman said...

Hey! thanks alot! :) Im very honoured:D

•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

thnx!a lot!