Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Singles Awareness Day...

"I know you aren't worth it. Now if only my heart would believe it."

I really hate Valentine's Day. Really. Maybe I wouldn't hate it as much if I actually had someone to celebrate it with. Maybe. Why do you need a day to tell someone you love them? You should do it every day, no matter what, and make every day special with them.

I took this quiz on Blogthings, the "What's You Valentine's Day Personality" quiz. Haha?

Your Valentine's Day Personality is Cynical
You really, truly hate Valentine's Day. It's your least favorite day of the year.You think Valentine's Day is fake, tacky, over the top, and meant to make single people feel bad.You realize that Valentine's Day is a holiday that only benefits companies... not couples.You know that real love is not about teddy bears and roses, and you feel like the holiday cheapens emotions.

Was it right answering the last question as "Bite Me"? (;

So happy Valentine's Day, or happy Singles Awareness Day, depending how you're going to spend today or who you're going to spend it with.


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krl said...

if you could call it dancing...

he did hear some good music. he enjoyed copying me too. but it's gonna be embarrassing on monday.

oh well


Anonymous said...

tell you what? in India, we just enjoy our days. and I agree that We should love someone daily, and create him/her our daily valentine.

just that, I love her so much.

grey~eyes said...

I think valentines day has become a money maker for the card companies. I was talking to my friend about what she wanted her boyfriend to get her for valentines day, and she just replied chocolate. I dont get it, i think that all these 'ideal valentines day gifts' have no feeling, i would rather have a card that quotes one of my favourite songs, or just for them to say somthing nice to me. To be honest, i think you see less love on valentines day, than you do on most other days of the year.
(i think you can see im cynical too)

James said...

O i so get what you mean! I hate valentines day! Its like ok I know I am single so the whole world doesn't need to know and make me feel bad about it to! Growl. O well. LOl thats pretty funny. I should go up to someone and say bite me! ^_^

ellie said...

Hope you had a good Anti-Valentines day..a great time to watch Rules of Attraction. Oh..that food service girl in the movie is the best.

ellie said...

thanks for the note..another on my list for anti-valentines day...thumbsucker

•waLkiиg disasteя• said... was jus like any oth normal day:(

Cursed♪♫ said...

Well...same 'er. No date ! :) So, even I don't really like Valentines Day!
But well, I'm glad for others!
Glad you liked my post!

grey~eyes said...

same, i just feel awkward recieving gifts, i think being single on valentines day is better that having to look pleased at a gift that you can see no thought went into.

krl said...