Thursday, February 5, 2009


"Reality continues to ruin my life."

Today was the best day ever. Everything was great; it was absolutely perfect. A day like this hasn't happened in awhile, so this is a great change. :) What went so perfect? Orchestra. In french I actually talked to some friends instead of reading the whole class. Geometry I got all of my french and math homework done while he was doing notes, so now I have no homework. (Lately I've been up till 11 trying to finish homework.) And biology was just easy. Nothing really new. :) And in the passing period between 3rd and 4th periods I saw the cutest guy ever that was in one of my classes last semester. We looked at each other. Oh yeah. :)

I've noticed that my 'best days ever' have included him and I not talking much. Weird.

Peace. :)


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Anonymous said...

Oh, congrats then.

James said...

It sounds like someone has a crush then! ;) I am glad u are doing great. I am in geometry too, and we are doing angles of evaluation, and one other thing and I have one word for it. bleh. Glad u can do it though. I am glad u talked to people ^_^

krl said...

i met someone. her name is eden. and im a teeny bit fond of her.

its about a cop in 2008 who, when listening to dvaid bowie gets run over by a ca. then he wakes up in the same place (new york) just in 1973

fricking awesome show. all the retro stuff. gurgle.


•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

ah!!ur latest crush:)

simpleman said...

Talk to him! your day just might be a litttttttttle bit better next time

krl said...

the killers did a cover of romeo and Juliet in 2007. Though the original was released in 83 by... Well, you now have to figure out who.

And for the rest? Note any songs that you see and just google them or go on iTunes or whatever.

Well done finding idioteque btw. It's quite hidden. It's
the only radiohead song in there though.


krl said...

I was surprised you didn't get it too.

I'll be on gmail in five.

krl said...

it does that automatically on my ipod touch. but im now on my pc. if i ever write Krl instead of krl, it means im on my touch.


there is another killers cover there. the killers also covered the song 'shadowplay', which was originally written in 1977 by....

again for you to find out.