Thursday, February 26, 2009

Qu'est-ce qui est arrivé?*

"I love you like the stars above, I love you till I die."
-The Killers

I was debating with myself (yes, I know that is not healthy), whether or not to post this. But I decided to, it is my blog anyway. You guys are probably gonna freak out, just please don't, I'm perfectly sane. Really, I was just bored in french.

I'm falling away,
with nowhere to go,
this darkness is so heavy
this death is so slow.

There is no pain,
you can't show any emotion.
You feel like you're drowning
in a dark, deep blue ocean.

It is so calm,
but you just want to leave.
You can't be here,
you don't even believe.

You just feel lonely,
and you don't feel right.
Here there is only darkness,
there is no light.

Again, I am sane, just don't worry about me. :)

This really has been one of the worst weeks ever. Except pre-UIL went good, and we should do better for the actual UIL, which is in two weeks! :O

And about the last post: I do feel better now, but I'm still confused about him, he's been a real bastard lately. I'm just not sure anymore.

*What happened?


2 comment(s):

krl said...

sorta. well i cant tell. i dont think i know either of them well enough.


grey~eyes said...

dont worry im not doubting your sanity; anyone who can right a poem as good as that must be sane ;)

i love the song that quotes from by the way, it is one of my most favourite songs ever :)

hope all gets better for you soon :)